LogMeIn Remote Access

If you are an IT professional like me, you’ve gotten the call…
“Honey, the computer’s acting up” No problem, right? Not in my world. I’m on one coast and the wife’s computer is on the other.
I finally found a great product that allows remote access to my wife’s computer (and my Mom’s) when I’m away from home. LogMeIn.com
They have a full suite of products for every need, from IT professionals supporting hundreds of computers , to small consultants with a few clients spread out all over, to me — an IT guy needing to provide free support to my loved ones.
That’s why I use LogMeIn.com, they have a striped down free version that’s not a trial version – it doesn’t go away. The free version only does KVM, but that’s all I need to fix most of the things I need to do.

No need to ‘GoTo‘ any other solution.

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