Blown Fiber

I took a class a few weeks ago to learn how to install blown fiber. Until Itook this class, I never know how cool this ideawas.

Blown fiber is a way to install fiber cable using small tubes installed inside your conduits , table trays orother pathways. The fiber cable is blown into the tube insteadof the usual pulling of cables. Most fiber cables only support a 25 pound pulltension, so it's easy to put too much force and risk damaging the cable. Thatrisk does not exist with blown fiber.

The BEST feature is the growth capabilities.The “pulled” way of installing fiber usual entails us designers specifying more fiber than we need. I used to alwayspull some single mode fiber, some multimode and double the amount needed. Very wasteful, but, it'sbetter to do it now because later we can't pull more in easily if at all.

With the blown fiber solution you install a multitube assembly and onlyblow in what is needed today. In the future, it'seasy to blow in more fiber into another tube.

I took the Sumitomo FutureFlex training. They have tube assemblies that have2, 4, 7, or 19 tubes in each. A 24 strand fiber cable can fit in eachtube. So today I can install a 7 tube assembly,blow in 24 strands of multimode and easily comeback at some point in the future and blow in another cable without worrying about pull-past issues or tearing up thepathway or disrupting the customer.


Sweet deal!

 Sumitomo's Futureflex product website

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