Hidden Menu on Market Samurai

I was watching the Market Samurai training videos today and came across a cool, hidden menu. I almost called it a secret tip, but, it is in the training videos…

MS- Hidden Menu

This menu is in the SEC Competition Module. Click on the triangle and a new hidden menu pops up for that domain. This menu gives you several options on looking at how that web page became ranked. Market Samurai calls this “Link Competition Analysis” It’s analyzing their backlink network, search keywords, and demographics.

These tools pull data about the backlink network of the listed web site so you can see what web site your competition uses to build their backlink network — cool.

I’m not going to go into detail here, but ask you to watch the Market Samurai training videos about this section.

Episode 12 – How To Gain a Competitive Advantage

Episode 13 – How To Unmask Your Google Competition

Once you understand how your competition is doing backlinks, you can emulate them and improve. Moving ahead of them in the rankings!

If you don’t have market Samuri, you can use my affiliate link to get a 12 day trial and a savings of over 30% ($149 down to $97) One time purchase.

Try Market Samurai now for free!


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