Multipress Lite fOpen Error

The guys over at TwoEnough have a autobloging tool called Mutlipress. It creates and manages a mutli-site wordpress blog with auto content generation. Great tool – I’ve used it on one of my sites. Right now, it’s on sale for 70% off – Visit thier site and enter the code JHH7KL644GHLFSS for the discount.

But – they have a free version of the content tool that will automaticaly populate your wordpress blog – Mutlipress Lite

However, the current free version has two issues  in the install.

  1. You have to manualy install the plugin with FTP (can’t upload in the New Plugins)
  2. Once activated, you get an fOpen file not found error.

To fix both these issues, do the following:

  1. Get the free plugin – Mutlipress Lite
  2. Rename the download to
  3. Unzip the file to your computer
  4. Go into m-p folder then into the mutlipress-content folder
  5. Rename multipress-content.php to multipress-content-full.php
  6. Go up one folder level
  7. Zip the mutlipress-content folder (not the m-p folder.)
  8. Go to your WordPress Plugins and Add New
  9. Use Upload and select the file
  10. Activate and configure.

If this gives you heartache, let me know and I’ll email you a fixed zip file  for version 1.2.8

And to help others searching for the error message find this solution, here’s the error message you will see if you don’t rename the one php file:

Warning: fopen(/*****/*****/*****/****/wp-content/plugins/multipress-content/core/../multipress-content-full.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /****/****/****/*****/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4165


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