New Hosting Services – Hostzillia Review

HostZilla Logo

Last month, I decided to try a new hosting company. Since this isn’t a money making site, I looked for some low cost hosting. My first try wasn’t successful. They only supported one domain and the subdomain feature didn’t work well. I quickly got a refund and kept looking.


Then I found HostZilla – a cloud hosting company. And the best thing – They have a FREE service.

The free account is UNLIMITED domains, bandwidth, and email accounts. They have cPanel and all the usual free web applications.  But the account is limited to 100MB of disk space and 32BM of RAM for your php scripts.

The disk space would work for one simple site, but for $15 a year you can upgrade to unlimited disk space. (Yea!)

The RAM is only a issue if you run alot of plugins. Keep them simple and get a memory info plugin to track how your site is using memory and all will be good.


I’ve been using them for a month now and LOVE it. (esp the price!)

They also have a full service “Premium” hosting service that starts at $4.49 a month.


Check them out –


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