Recommended Tools

Spinner Chief – Article generation by using synonyms for your word to create multiple versions of your article. has a good manual and training videos. Create content for all your backlinks. Cost –  Free!!

Ping Kaching – post links to your websites and blog postings to all the major indexes and social media sites quickly and easily. Even handles account creation for most social media sites.

Market Samurai – Software to do keyword research, domain research, content research,  track your ranking, manage your postings and ads. Great software for the beginning or experienced marketer. Great support site with training videos. Use my affiliate link to get a 12 day trial and a savings of over 30% ($149 down to $97) One time purchase.

Try Market Samurai now for free!


Domain.Com – I’ve switched to using them for my domains and now hosting. Better processes and they don’t support SOPA., Domain Names and Hosting

These are affiliate links, thank you for supporting my website!


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